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Puck! Kurt! Artie! Noooo. I'm so sad now.
It's good though.

I know, I'm sick. Thanks for reading anyway.

Wow, I really like this. You used the Five things format really well.

I) I never would have thought anyone could tie in Civil War reenactments with Glee, but you did. Before you explained it, I thought it was some sort of post apocalyptic thing. I love how you had Rachel coming to the same conclusions that she's (eventually) coming to with Glee.

II) Mercedes made me a little sad, but I like how she was still her awesome self. Though I kept hoping she and Kurt are still BFF.

III) Eeee! Quinn/Finn and Puck baby drama! I love Emma's speech and how what she was saying tied to Quinn and Finn's situation.

IV) Oh this one made me sad, I did take a moment to go 'OH NO, KURT AND ARTIE' but I could see how it would be those two. But it did make me sad.

V) This one was one of my favorites, though it too, was kind of bittersweet. But I loved this vision of Tina and her band and GF, and I would love to read more about them.

I also wanted to say that I loved where you ended each one of these.


If Will wasn't around, Emma might be better at her job.

I don't actually think Kurt and Artie are the kind of kids who would shoot up a school, but the teasing and physical abuse they suffered at the hands of Puck is really not a joke, and I keep wishing I would see some fallout on the show about it. (Not like this, though.)

IMO, the best thing about Glee is the friendships between Mercedes and Kurt and Artie and Tina. That's why this story doesn't really work, although it was fun to write. I think no matter what, they'd still be friends.

Can I tell you how much I loved this? And I loved it for the fourth one. Because it's TRUE, and it's real. (Poor Mike, though, although it's usually the man of color who gets it first in the movies.)

I read about Columbine, and school shootings, and the things that happen now, and it's not just about video games, or violent movies. It's about the repeated emotional violence, and people's response to being terrorized, humiliated and abused every day of their lives.

It seems to go three ways; the ones who break, and turn violent and angry forever, the ones who come out of it with hopelessly damaged senses of self, and the ones who will never in their lives care for anyone else's opinions, whose self-esteem survived so rock solid that they know who they are and always will.

It hurts to see Kurt and Artie go the first way, but it makes terrible sense as well.


Oh, thank you. I'm glad someone else is on the same wavelength. I saw a lot of nasty behavior in high school, but I find the dumpster/port-a-potty stuff on Glee pretty shocking. That type of thing would mess a person up.

It seems to go three ways

What a bleak view. it's probably true.

Sorry, Mike Chang! When they write you a real character on the show, I promise I'll write you fanfic! (I just want them to establish if he's related to Tina or if the Chang thing is a hilarious coincidence.)

It is a bleak view, but it's also a true one.

I wasn't Dumpstered, but I have a scar on my upper arm from being stabbed with a piece of wood by a young gentleman who objected to my presence in wood/metalshop as those hallowed locations "weren't for girls". (Arc welding has come more in handy in my career that any other high school skill except knowing when to duck.)

Gum in the hair. All the time. Spit balls. Being shoved into lockers, kicked in the halls, having my clothes wetted in the girls' locker room. Being told by the teachers that I should "try to fit in". (Great advice, let me get right on that, oblivious educators. Carry on.)

Ther were times where if I knew how to work a gun I would have shot up my school (and I mean from third grade on) just to make it stop.

However, I had great parents, a total sense of self, and I am definitely category three; I am impossible to offend, because I really don't much care what people think! ;}

And your Puck is right about one thing- it's just high school, and you will get out, and it won't matter anymore. In college I had more friends than I knew what to do with, right out of the gate. But some people don't see the light at the end of the cliché and they turn into your Kurt and Artie.

And that's why I think this story is so good. I recced it on TWOP, by the way.

That sounds like it was incredibly painful. I'm glad you came out the other side as a strong adult.

I didn't know you could rec things on TWOP! Thanks.

This is really brilliant. I loved them all, and how there was a beautiful synchronicity between these alternative-universe Glee kids and those on the show. With that said, #4 made me feel sick to my stomach. I mean that in a good way - if there can be such a thing - because your writing was brutally effective. It actually hurt to read. Thank you so much for writing this.

Thanks! I think that's what I meant to do, and I'm glad it worked. (Sorry, though.)

Er... I'm not quite sure what to say. I was moved by each of those little snippets, and I got the feeling that it was very much a "thank god Mr. Schue didn't quit!" sort of thing as every single one of those scenarios made it seem like it would have become something so much worse had he done it...

Anyway, I was moved, very glad to have read it, and am still freaking out about the Kurt and Artie thing... but in all fairness, you're quite right. In a rather extreme case, that could very well have happened to someone like them.

As is my usual when I read something of great quality: YOU MUST WRITE MORE! GAH!


I meant part III to show that some people, maybe, would be better off without Will to lean on. The sense of community he inspires in the kids, though, is really important. Good teachers can mae a big difference.

Could not read the fourth part, so this review is only on part of the fic (it's not you, it's all me. I don't want to think of Kurt and Artie that way!)

Still, I found this intriguing and well-written and completely believable.

As a side note: Man. Covalent bonds. I don't think I'd want to go back to high school for the world.

Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for reading, and I totally understand about Part IV.

I don't think I'd want to go back to high school for the world.



Clearly part 4 was the most powerful. Throughout the whole part I was reminded of the book 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult - which happens to be my favourite book. Because of that, I felt overwhelming sympathy for Artie and Kurt (also because I happen to love those characters)... Such a powerful chapter, my god. When I first realized what was happening, I seriously did a double-take, seriously, at the computer. I just didn't believe it. And then I thought about it and was like, 'you know... I could see it.' So, well done, you got me thinking.

The entire thing is well-written, beautiful really, but that chapter takes the cake.

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks! I'm glad I surprised you. My mom read 19 Minutes -- maybe I should try to borrow it.

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LOVE! Tina was so great :) and i adore your icon btw, that's my favorite line of Kurt's! <3

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